In today's rapid development of the clean industry, Rongsen Purification has been focusing on the purification business, and after years of hard work, it has become China's leading clean technology overall solution provider. The business volume has continued to steadily contribute to the growth. Looking back on the winds and rains of the past few decades, Rongsen Purification cannot do without the support of our customers, and it cannot do without the efforts and dedication of the team's employees. In the future, Rongsen Purification will consistently provide customers with value-added and continuous services, and at the same time strive to become the benchmark of national brands!  

Suzhou Rongsen Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. was established by Wujiang Linsen▲, Suzhou Zhenyao, Jiangsu Baolin, and Suzhou Chenhui in 2020 after integration and optimization. The clean business was launched in 2003. After years of development, there are nearly 1,500 management, technical and construction personnel. 

Rongsen Engineering now has the second-level general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering, the first-level professional contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering, the first-level professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering, the first-level professional contracting of building mechanical and electrical installation engineering, and the pressure pipeline Complete industry qualifications such as construction permit GCⅡ, and obtain IOS9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 trinity system certification in 2020. 

Rongsen Project In the process of project construction management, we always adhere to the concept of one-off results. In the process of design (secondary optimization), construction, and commissioning, the project follows the company’s high standards and strict requirements, combined with BIM And other computer-aided tools, so that engineering technology, construction, etc. are implemented within the scope of control, and are reviewed, supervised, and adjusted. In recent years, the company has been serving Sinopharm Group, Dongyang Sunshine Group, Dali Group, Renfu Pharmaceutical, Lunan Pharmaceutical, Azure Bio, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, Xianju Pharmaceutical, Yiming Bio, Aonuo (China), Heze Pharmaceutical, Hangzhou Well-known companies such as Lingye, Shenghe Pharmaceutical, Tiankang Biology, Anke Biology, Jinpai Company, Chuangxin Laser and other well-known companies provide overall solutions and services for clean technology. And in 2018, the National Key Laboratory Purification Project of Minhang Campus of China Normal University won the "White Magnolia" Award. 

▲Wujiang Linsen consists of Wujiang Linsen Purification Board Co., Ltd., Wujiang Linsen Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou Feisener Purification Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Sevesos Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., and Henan Medical Design Institute Co., Ltd. Suzhou branch, tempered glass production enterprise, new type fireproof core material enterprise and other sectors.
6+100 million
Sales Volume(2020)
Corporate Culture
Become a famous Chinese brand in the field of purification engineering
Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and take responsibility for society
Corporate Values
Integrity based on the pursuit of excellence

Suzhou Rongsen purification Engineering Co., Ltd

Linsen purification board industry Sichuan Branch


Suzhou Branch of Henan Pharmaceutical Design Institute


Shanghai lailin International Business Department

Suzhou feisener Purification Technology Co., Ltd

Linsen board Wuhan Branch


Linsen purification project (Suzhou)


Linsen purification equipment (Wujiang headquarters)


Linsen purification board industry Tianjin Branch


Linsen purification board (Wujiang headquarters)


Linsen purification project

Relying on the platform, we can control the whole process of planning, design, production, construction, management and service
Service scale
It has two operation centers, Suzhou Center and Wuhan Center, and has established marketing and sales departments in important cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Taiyuan, Nanchang, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shenyang, and Haikou for faster, better, Better service to customers across the country.
Supporting capacity
Rongsen has strong production capacity. It has four color steel plate production bases in Suzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin and Chengdu. The important components used in the project, such as color steel plate, purification doors and windows, high-efficiency filter, laminar flow hood and transfer window, are self-produced, which can meet the construction period requirements of various projects and the non-standard customization requirements of products. On the premise of ensuring quality, Can supply quickly.
Technical Advantages
Professional and efficient engineering consulting, design verification, and construction management teams provide companies with a full range of services in terms of regulations, production processes, clean technology, verification, construction and commissioning.
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