Sinopharm Yangzhou Weike Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Project name:
GMP comprehensive production workshop of Sinopharm Yangzhou Weike Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
Renfu Medicine
Project name:
Cephalosporin workshop, warehouse and hazardous chemical warehouse
Kelun Pharmaceutical·Chengdu Qingshan Pharmaceutical
Project name:
Large infusion workshop
Shandong Buchang Shenzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Project name:
Comprehensive preparation workshop, pre-treatment dry distillation workshop
Xianju Pharmaceutical
Project name:
The comprehensive technical transformation project of sex hormone soft capsules of the preparation division, the construction project of DHA microcapsule powder series products, the laboratory construction project of the research institute, the HVAC installation project A and B section of the production workshop of the Yangfu API plant, the purification of the API industry upgrade project project
Yuanda Pharmaceutical
Project name:
Comprehensive system workshop purification project
Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Project name:
Relocation and Construction Project of Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Project name:
Expansion and transformation of solid preparation workshop, oral liquid workshop, solid preparation and liquid preparation workshop
Yibai Pharmaceutical·Hainan Changan International
Project name:
Freeze-drying workshop (anti-tumor)
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