Rongsen Engineering Design is committed to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and electronic projects. The group has a professional team in the fields of process equipment, civil engineering, public engineering, engineering cost, etc., based on advanced design concepts and rich design experience, to provide customers with high-level engineering design service. The standardized project design service process and quality control ensure that the design meets the predetermined functional and advanced requirements under the premise of compliance. In the design process, pay attention to key issues such as safety, environmental protection, and energy saving, avoid risks, and maximize the economy, ease of operation and implementability of the project.
  • Engineering Project Feasibility Study
  • Master Plan
  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Technological Design
  • According to the project product technical basic data, industry and product market analysis data provided by the customer, combined with national and local regulations and regulations related to project construction, relevant medical design regulations and GMP regulations, the necessity, construction scale and content of the project construction , Process and technical plan, construction plan, project construction progress, investment estimation, economic evaluation and other aspects to provide a basis for project decision-making.
  • According to the preliminary feasibility study, combined with the natural conditions and local planning requirements of the project location, meet the various requirements of the building, under reasonable budget conditions and consider other objective factors affecting the project, deal with the layout of the building, transportation, integrated pipelines, and greening Arrangement, etc., to make the overall reasonable.
  • Provide key project information services, including project objectives, product varieties and formulations, production scale, process flow, workshop GMP standards, scheduling and batch arrangements, main process equipment tables, process plan, building structure, public works, project cost estimation and Project schedule, etc.
  • Correct, complete and detailed drawings of each profession provide a basis for procurement, installation, construction and commissioning.

    — Proposal design        — Design optimization        — Project cost< span style="white-space:normal;color:#337FE5;">        — Design review
  • Fully communicate with the owner, provide relevant process flow, equipment purchase, production capacity estimation, labor quota and production shift system, workshop water, electricity, steam (gas), cold public works quantity estimation, pipeline calculation and design, design manual Compilation, preparation of budget estimates, and requirements for other professions.
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