Fluid construction
It can provide enterprises with pipeline network installation projects of purified water, water for injection, pure steam, compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen and liquefied gas and other clean public engineering media. Purified water and water for injection transport pharmaceutical water that complies with the Pharmacopoeia through the distribution pipeline to the point of use, starting from the distribution unit of the water production room, and returning to the circulating pipe network system of the water production room after passing through all process water points. During the installation of the system, the slope of the pipeline and the quality of welding are ensured to ensure no dead ends and the emptiness of the entire pipeline network. The water point can be installed in various forms such as T-type zero dead angle valve, block valve or U-shaped bend; the cooling point of injection water can be selected according to the nature of the different point of use, such as subloop, pipe-in-pipe, or cooling after the point. The way to cool down. Various sterilization methods such as pasteurization, ozone sterilization, pure steam sterilization or superheated water sterilization can be used for the entire pipe network.
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