Suzhou Rongsen Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. wishes you a happy Lantern Festival!
Time:2021-02-26 Keywords:Rongsen Purification Publisher:Rongsen Purification
This morning, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month [Lantern Festival], Suzhou Rongsen Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. enriched the cultural life of employees , To create a peaceful, reunion, and festive atmosphere, and hold the theme activity of "Qing Lantern Festival Guessing Lantern Riddles".
Nearly a hundred lantern riddles were hung in the company's reception lobby, attracting many employees to participate enthusiastically. The red lanterns were filled with the festive atmosphere, and the cheerful music set off the joyful scene. Everyone looked at the mystery carefully, pondered it alone, or got together to communicate, and they used their brains.
The employees who guessed happily received a exquisite gift. The riddles are rich in content and easy to combine. There are guessing words and idioms, as well as party and mass knowledge, clean culture and safe production, combining learning and fun.
After the lantern riddles guessing game, the company also thoughtfully prepared dumplings for each employee. A bowl of steaming glutinous rice balls are in anticipation. When they were handed to the employees, everyone was eating glutinous rice balls, their taste buds were dominated by sweetness, and everyone's faces were filled with bright smiles.
The heart-warming activity of the Lantern Festival not only made everyone feel the joy of the traditional festival, but also enhanced the sense of belonging of the employees. It also made some of the Rongsen Purification family members in a foreign land feel the The warmth of "home" eases homesickness.
After the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, the employees of Rongsen Purification have been working for a week, and everyone is full of blood to resurrect and start a new round of struggle mode strong>, do our best to provide you with better products and services!

Suzhou Rongsen Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. wishes you
Happy Lantern Festival
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